Sunday, August 3, 2014

Recently captured, although not newly-made

I created back this item wayyyy in May, before Mommy got along for Mom's Day weekend. It is centered on a routine for that "Diagonal Lines" Brick Stitch band which was once highlighted within the 2003 July problem of Switch & Bead.
I adorned about the base side, which offered it a pleasant normal bend designed it to some longer reel, and just. I applied a SS-4-prong fall hold, and Mother LIKED it! :D

Rests perfectly, right in the neck's foot.

15/0 and cubes Charlottes in A /W.
The cubes needed a lot of cracked edges, and LOTS OF culling because of their problems long. These using the Western cubes tried, plus they nevertheless needed a great deal of culling.

Following the client noticed my band examples for that ANPT post I posted another item I created some time back was a custom-order. I should state, it ended up very properly. The issue that is only real was the ensuing bead- fabric maintained to unwind and also the choker might begin to droop below the neckline. Nothing only a little dark cotton lining could not repair!

A lange of both normal and Charlotte slice dimensions 8/0s in gunmetal grey having a 5-prong SS slide form.
Therefore, there-you proceed, a newnes that is little within the eyecandy division. :)
Wish you prefer them. I'd like to understand I am fairly happy with that, and what you believe of the choker, thatis all my very own. :D


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